Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Najwa Latif

Hello everybody. Okay, some of you guys knew Najwa Latif but some of you guy also don't know. Her real name is Imratul Najwa. She was a singer in the youtube who becoming famous in the Malaysia. She also had a first single, called 'Cinta Muka Buku'.

I love it.

There are a lot of songs she cover it. The first reason, why she upload a video on video because her father was away and the only way her father seen her on youtube. Song for her dad and family. Then, many people love it, subcribe her and everything, she is becoming famous. Click HERE to see her youtube channel. These are my favourites of her uploads.

This is from Bruno Mars, Talking To The Moon

And this is from Christina Perry, Jar Of Heart

This is also from Bruno Mars, Marry You

This is from Ungu, Tercipta Untukku. This is my favourite Indonesian song.

This is from Colbie Caillat, You Got Me

This is from Justin Bieber, Love Me

This is from Ne Yo, One In A Million.

This is from Yuna, Gadis Semasa. Yuna is my favourite singer in Malaysia.

This is from Maher Zain, Insha Allah but in Malay version

This is her original song, I mean she wrote the song

And this is her first music video cover. From Taylor Swift, Back To December.

Okay, there are some more videos, remember if you want to see her youtube channel click HERE. She also had a blog, click HERE to see her blog. Enjoy!

Thank you for reading this post.

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