Wednesday, 11 May 2011


It was huge,
It was enormous,
It came dripping from the sea;
It wobbled down the promenade,
It passed quite close to me!
It ruined all the flower beds,
It upset an ice-cream stall,
It was like a giant jellyfish and
It had no eyes at all.
It cleared the paddling pool of kids,
It feelers swung and swayed,
It seemed to like the fruit machines as,
It oozed through the arcade.
It burst the turnstiles on the pier as
It squeezed its grey mass through.
It left a horrid track behind-
It was like a trail of glue.
It reached the piers' end railing and
It forced them till they slipt.
It flopped back down into the sea and
It vanished. That was It.

Eric Finney

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