Thursday, 22 September 2011

My First Secondary School

Guten Tag. OK, so for this topic, we are going to learn or listening to my first secondary school story ever.

One day on Wednesday, 15th of August 2011, Aisha was getting prepared for her new school. She wore a black trouser, white long sleeve shirt, a striped yellow-blue tie and a scarf. She ate her breakfast before she went to the school. After 8:10am in the morning, she walked to her friend house for a riding to the school.

Finally, after a few minutes, she made it to the school. She toke a very first step to the school and acted normally because if its in the inside of my heart, I was like crazy because this is my first secondary school ever, And my new school was Shawlands Academy. Aisha walked around the school with her friends while waiting for the first bell rang it. At 8:45am, the bell start to rang it and my register class was 1Ta and my tutor teacher was Mrs. McLean. She teaching a Drama. And my pastoral care teacher was Mrs. Ahmed.

And after 9:00am in the morning, the bell rang it again, this bell is a sign for the first period of the daily school day. And my first period class should be a History but something happen or canceled, we moved to another period which it was English by Mr. Whittaker. He is a very funny teacher I ever had. He made me laugh so hard after a few days or a week. And then the bell rang it again for the breaktime break.

.............................. Bla, bla, bla... THE END!!  I'm such a lazy person to finish it up the story instead of doing some writing about something... bla bla bla... that it for my story. ^-^
Thank you for reading this post.

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