Monday, 6 September 2010

The Meaning of Ramadhan

Ramadan means you can stay up untill very late because there is a special salah (prayer) called, Taraweeh. The men have to do this salah in the mosque. The woman can do it in the mosque or in the home.
After the Fajr adhan (call to prayer) is finished, you cannot eat or drink. Pnce maghrib adhan has commenced, you are allowed to eat. However, you are recommended to eat a date; once you have eaten the date, you are free to eat anything you want (halal). After that, you have to maghrib salah.
While you are fasting, you should spend you time wisely by reading Qur'an or doing anything that Allah has commanded you to do.
During the month of Ramadan, you give zakat (charity) to the poor because they are poor. One of the five pillars is giving zakat so zakat is veri importantin Islam, however you don't have to give zakat if you are really poor. Rich people must give zakat.
After the month of Ramadan, there is celebration called, Eid. Durin Eid, you go to your relatives' or close friend' houses to celebrate. Relatives and friends, when they come or you go their houses, you have to say 'Eid Mubarak' (Happy Eid) and they hug each other. Sometimes, they give you money or sweets as a gift. On the day of Eid, you have to do a special salah called, Eid salah, early in the morning.

-Shahin Karim-

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