Saturday, 31 March 2012

Start of Whole New Story


First of all, I want to say that I'm really sorry for not having updated my blog for a months. The reasons why I hadn't posted for a months  is because I'm a bit busy lately and also I'm a bit lazy too. So, forgive me for this.

I didn't even said 'Happy New Year' even its four months ago, so Happy Late New Year.

So for those readers who don't know me, I want to tell you little about myself.

Okay, my full name is Nur Aisha Roslan Ghani, mostly people called me Aisha. I was born in 31of March in Malaysia. I lived in Scotland in city of Glasgow (for now).  I also like K_POP which stands for Korean POP, and also fashion.That all for little information.

Okay if anyone is asking who is my first blog inspiration (which no one would asked me) is called Nur Izzati Shahabiddin. She's my inspiration of the reason why I made this blog. First she had the same adventures of life in Glasgow. Before I came to Glasgow, I was reading her blog, first my mum introdusing this blog at me and told me how great is she cause she gets to living in Glasgow. So I started read this blog. After I came in Glasgow, I had decided to make a blog in first summer I had in August. Here is her lovely blog.

Sometimes, I like to think that my blog as half vintage, half korean and half fashion in some ways and I going to do it some how, like this kind of picture.

So that all for now, and I'm promised I will be back.
Thank you for reading this post.

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