Saturday, 6 August 2011

My 2011 Summer.....

                         Give Me Everything...

Well summer its almost over... I upset cause I don't want to school yet but in the some feeling I excited about me going to the secondary school. And I had a fun a bit in the summer. However the main thing is that I had a FUN in summer.

What I did on my summer holiday was went to the loch ness place for a while.... last summer I been there... why I went to the same place? Is because my grandma visited my family and haven't been that place so  I went to that place with my family except for my brother. 

Other than that story.... I was home and helping my grandma all the time... its like I was in jail... I can't go anywhere.... if you guys were at my house when my grandma was there.... in a minute you will hear she shout my name to help her. I was helping her all the time.. and I had a sister and brother... my grandma had ever hardly called their name for helping her... is me! Most of the time is me. At last I finally got a freedoms.

And this is the great story for my family. When the summer started to began... my mum was pregnant... and she made a new family member. Finally I had a little baby boy. He is so cute... well he a baby and most of the babies are cute. And his name were given was Faris (for short). And its all happily ever after .... the end of my summer story...
Thank you for reading this post.

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